Ladyboy Date With Guy It was the worst day in my life. My girlfriend Ally and I had been quarreling and rowing for several weeks, we were on the verge of breaking up. I just wanted her to be happy. I lived my life for her. I guess I stood no chance to make her smile at me again. We broke up. Ally said everything was changing and her feelings for me had changed too. She didn’t love me anymore. I couldn’t get it. I’d been worshipping her for five years. We’d been together since I was 18. We were meant for each other. She was my first girl. I was dreaming of our love to last forever. But… Nothing lasts forever. It wasn’t fair! I was in despair. I could have never thought such things could happen to me. I wasn’t really into drinking. I’d been drinking socially, just a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. That night was an exception. I wanted to get wasted. I wanted to lose the reality maybe just for a while. Steve, my best friend, knew about Ally, so it was he who offered me to go to a pub and drink some. I agreed, of course. It was 10.30pm. We decided to drop in some pub. Neither Steve nor I had ever been in that part of the city before, so it was sort of a labyrinthine rout for us. -Hey man, we’re lost! – I told Steve. -Bullshit. We’re not. We’re just looking for a pub, that’s all, man. I just couldn’t believe that. Hardly had I decided to go somewhere to get drunk as we got lost in that damn city! -Here it is! – Steve exclaimed. He pointed at the sigh that read “Trance”. He looked at me inquiringly. It was more like a dance club than a pub. I told Steve about it. -I don’t know if we should go there at all…. – I added. -C’mon, there’re bars in clubs too. So, what’s the hell is the difference? You wanna get drunk, so you shouldn’t care where to do it! Besides, there must be dozens of hot chicks in there. Maybe we’ll get some to please us, you know! I’m sure we’ll find girls who’ll be ready to get some nasty…. I thought about Ally again. It hurt me to think it was all over. Well, who knows what might happen when you get a bit drunk, I thought. Anyways, it wasn’t that bad if I fucked some babe. I would be revenged on her. We parked the car and headed for the club. When I went out of the car I realized I was damn right about the place. It was a real dance club. We got in. Man, the place was…. Loud music, dancing people, hilarious atmosphere… There were many women there. Many single women. They were dancing with other girls. -OK, let’s empty the bar! – I told Steve, taking him by the shoulders. – It’s high time we forgot about our sorrowful life and about that bitch Ally. He gave me a slap on the back, and then on my butt. It was just a joke, don’t worry. There were lots of people in the bar, but we managed to find two empty seats.
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