All about LOVE

Hi i am Rc and i lived as a normal girl with a simple life in Manila Philippines, I came from in Pangasinan my province which I have grown up. I moved to Manila at age of 16 I worked here and lived as independent, I’m a transgender woman who can pay my own bills, who can run my life as a transgender woman that’s what I become an independent transgender woman. When I was a little kid I know myself that I’m different to other kids, I played woman toys especially a Barbie doll. I love to watch a beauty pageant on TV and imitating them like a beauty queen. I started my transition when I was teens like 16, but on and off, I like a make-up and I like heels too. I love my hair to be tied even
my hair still short. I started wearing girls dress too I love it one of my biggest dreams before. And started have crushes and start to admire boys. At the age of 16, I start to take a Micro pill cheapest oral pill. I also try to take estrogen and anti-androgen hormones, this is oral and

injectable. After few years of taking I notice the development of my transitions using hormones. I am proud a transgender woman in the Philippines because I live peace in mind and love in my hearts, I am happy as well because I don’t have any problem to my family especially to my father. Additional about me, my love life is so lovely and it’s blooming that full of love, I’m in a relationship now to the man that I love. I found my boyfriend in an ONLINE DATING SITE, thanks for the creator of this decent dating website.