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Oh, by the way! You do have to know my name! My names David, I’m 20 and single, I live in New York. I’m not fat but muscular guy, because I work out every morning in a gym. I like my body, it’s well built! Then I go to work, in the end of the day I come home and have dinner, but sometimes I go to the bar down the street and have a few drinks for a couple of hours. About a week ago I noticed a new girl at the gym working out by herself and I couldn’t take my eyes from her. She was gorgeous, big boobs and sun tanned skin, 42 inches round ass, nice flat belly… She had long blond hair, green eyes. I had been watching her work out everyday for a week. Then, on Friday, after work, I went to the bar and I was sitting there having some drink. I was enjoying my beer when all of sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder, and girls’ voice: “Excuse me! Can I sit here and have a drink with you?” she asked. I was a bit in shock! This girl wanted to have drink with me! It was something I wouldn’t’ miss! And getting over anxiety I finally managed to say “Yes, I would love that” I bought us both drinks and we made small talk. I found out her name was Selena and that she had just moved here from New Orlean. After a few drinks she said:
“All week at the gym I have seen you staring at me.” After a moment of silence I managed to say something:
“I’m sorry for staring at you, you’re just so beautiful”
“Thank you, you are very handsome too” she replied we had about 4 more drinks and late in at night we left the bar.
I offered to walk her home and she accepted. When we got to her apartment, which turned out to be a block away from my hood, I was surprised that we lived so close together. I started advancing trying to give a hug and I got more than that. She looked at me in the eyes and gave me a long hard kiss grabbing my ass. She then took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her apartment. As soon as she opened the door she started kissing me and we started making out. Selena shut the door and we moved to the couch. On there she took my shirt off and undid my pants, and then she removed my boxers. She started licking my chest and biting my nipples. This girl moved her hand down to my erect cock and started jacking me off. She stopped and took her shirt and bra off but didn’t remove her skirt. Selena started licking my dick and took up sucking it. It was one of the best blowjobs I had ever had. She gave me the dirtiest look of hers and then got up walking away and commanded me to follow her. I followed her right to her bed and she told me to lie on my back. Then she sucked my dick a bit more and then she inserted a finger into my asshole. I was startled at first and shocked, but the pleasure took over… I was really enjoying it. I grabbed her skirt and she said “No, you’ll be laughing at me, or run away” “No, honey! Just give it to me! I want you; you’re the most amazing cutie in the world”
Selena turned so that her back was facing me and her skirt dropped to the floor and I saw her ass in a tight red thong. Then her underwear was dropped and she slowly turned around. When she turned around my eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped. “You see, I knew it. You think I’m a freak and you don’t want to fuck me anymore” she said crying. I was silent and didn’t say a word. After a awhile I just got up, grabbed her cock and started rubbing it. I threw her on the bed, got between her legs, and started sucking it. It was about 6 inches long, mine was about 9 or more. I just smiled when she shot her load right down my throat.
She turned over on her hand and knees in dog style; I put a bit of lube on her asshole and positioned my cock. I pushed in harder and I felt her loosen up a bit as I penetrated inside half way. “Put your fucking cock all the way in and fuck me hard” she roared. With that I slid my cock all the way in and started pumping her hard and fast. I turned her over on her back and she jacked her cock off while I was fucking her… I was so horny just watching her jerk off while I was fucking this slut! “I’m cumming, Oh, God, fucking cumming!” I blew load after load right in her ass… I pulled my semi hard cock out and she began to suck it. She then laid me on my back and lubed up her cock and my ass hole. I realized what she meant. By positioning herself to enter my virgin ass hole she then shoved it right and started fucking me as hard as she could. I instantly got hard again and started jacking myself off. Soon I blew my load again but this time on my stomach when Selena yelled: “Fucking cumming, I’m gonna cum! Oh, yeas” and with that she blew her load right up my ass and pulled out her cock… she ordered me to suck it … I didn’t refuse and obeyed, it tasted great as I sucked it long. We went to the bathroom to take a shower and I washed her off. Selena then washed me off too and dropped the soap as if by chance and asked me to pick it up. I bent over to pick it up. When I did I felt something poking at my ass and sure it was her shoving her dick in my but again. She started humping me like she hadn’t had sex for ages. In a mater of minutes she blew her load in my ass once again. She pulled her dick out and we washed up. Then we went back to her bed. I still had a hard on from the shower coz I didn’t release. So Selena decided to help me by sucking my cock. After hard deepthroat and some handjob skills I shot my load in her mouth. After that, in the end of all sessions, we cuddled up in bed naked and went to sleep.
The next morning we woke up and we didn’t go the gym and we both stayed at hers pleading illness. We stayed home and fucked all day…