I took her sweet ass from behind, making her cock hard again. Though we already had many crossdresser stories behind us, this night was special because she finally fulfilled my wish: she wore red night gown, looking more like a woman than any woman I’ve met. I almost tore it from her, wishing to take her firm ass at that very second, feeling her powerful legs with my hairy hand.

She whispered me to take it easy and slowly pulled the shirt up, showing me her magnificent behind. It was like someone took two lumps of clay and made a perfect butt, bringing every curve and bend to perfection. My cock was as hard as a steel bar, eager to penetrate into her and give her simultaneous gasps of pleasure and pain, and to fill her inside with my warm jizz. Teasing me, she rubbed her ass against it, while taking her lace panties on.

I wanted to push until I stretched the fabric so far that it would gave way and let me be inside her. Still teasing me, she let me touch her semi hard member, safely tucked between her legs, indicating that she’s ready to be fucked like a wild animal. Still stroking her cock with one hand, I balanced with the other and with one sudden jerk found myself inside her, while she started to moan from pleasure and anticipation of a good fuck.

Different crossdresser stories filled my mind at that point: should I fuck her like that, or repeat the same pose as before, or perhaps pull her legs in the air and let torrents of my cum cover her face while she’s almost mad from satisfaction? Or something more traditional like missionary pose? She resolved my uncertainty with one strong push; she was impaling herself on my big dick, trying to get as much pleasure from it as possible.

After a few minutes, I could feel her strong orgasm coming up, tension after tension, sending her cum in loads on the sheets. The moment I felt her relax, I came like a stallion, hosing everything around us with sperm, including the red evening gown. I frantically jerked my long cock, rubbing the swollen head against the red silk, getting more and more excited until I felt that my balls are finally empty
That was one of our best nights .