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One night I was feeling really horny. I just came back from the gym and I wanted to release and relax. I then began my search for some fun on the personal ads section. I have always been into shemales especially verse aggressive ones.

I found this one particular post about Asian bottoms. I was curious and I replied. After a few emails she finally sent me her picture and her location. She was stunning about 5'9 brown hair big tits and a curvy yet fit body and an apple bottom. She was very beautiful, fair skinned with latin features. She had an hour glass like body.

Upon meeting she asked me how my day was. I said it was alright and she replied with "good, can we fuck now?". She sat down and spread her legs. She was wearing a black leather corset with matching black laces. She was wearing a pink thong that barely covers her bulge. I knew she was big. She knew she's bigger than me. By the time she spread her legs I was already rock hard. She took off my shirt and my sweats but kept my boxer-briefs on, I was hovering over her leg, pressing my hard dick against her stomach and my balls rubbing on her thigh. She was fondling my chest and was impressed at my body. She licked me all over caressing my chest and fondling my arms. It was very sensual as if we were getting to know each other by pressing against each other. It felt like heaven.

She pulled down my boxer-briefs revealing my 7 inch cock. She said not "bad" and began sucking my dick. She was very good, combining her swirling tongue on the head of my dick and a slow sucking gentle motion which drove me wild. She was very rhythmic then she began sucking me faster, gripping my ass firmly driving my dick into her mouth. She started playing with my hole, wetting her fingers and using my pre cum as lube. She then turned me around and bent me over and started furiously licking my ass. She was very good, she started off licking around my hole. She licked it up and down slowly and did circular motions around the edges of my hole.
She then started sticking her tongue in me. I was flinching at first but eventually I relaxed to the point where her tongue was inside me moving erratically. As I was bent over I saw her rock hard dick poking out of her thong. She was big, about 9 inches, long and thick. Thicker than mine. She then started to lower my ass towards her rock hard dick. She was grinding my ass and gliding it along her long shaft. I can tell that she was ready to fuck.

She lead me to her bed room and told me to get on my knees and arch my back. She placed me in front of the mirror. She told me to relax as she hovered over me. She pressed her huge tits on my back and wrapped her arm around my neck. She was rubbing her huge dick in and around my ass, penetrating harder and harder with each gentle thrust. Finally she pushed me down and finally entered me. I could not help but let out a piercing sigh of pain and pleasure. She was very big probably the biggest I ever had. She was slow at first but finally I got use to it and she started pounding me faster. I can feel sharp pains after each forceful thrust but it felt so good. I was looking at the mirror watching this beautiful aggressive shemale with her tits bouncing everywhere and her eyes rolled up in pure bliss.

She then flipped me on my back. She pulled out her cock and started stroking my dick. I could not help but stare and worship her beautiful figure. Secretly I have a thing for hung shemales, especially when that particular shemale is bigger than me. But she knew, she could tell on just how memorized I was watching her jerk her huge dick. She winked at me, pressed her dick against mine, leaned over pressing her tits against my chest and whispered "I'm bigger than you". She licked my ear and entered me against. She fucked me hard, almost lifting my entire lower back with each thrust. She was leaning back stroking my dick using her saliva as lube. The combination of her stroking my dick and her fucking me drove me insane. I said I was about to cum at which point she stopped jerking me off. Instead she leaned in and pressed her stomach against my dick as she was fucking me. She fucked me harder, pausing about a second in each thrust to penetrate me deep. At each thrust my cock would flinch, throbbing harder and harder until finally I came. I shot my load all over my chest, her tits, and my chin.

She started kissing my chin, licking the cum off me as she continually kept fucking me. She kissed me swapping my cum and her saliva into my mouth. I saw in her face that she was about to cum as she fucked me faster and faster with shorter thrusts. She pulled out and sprayed her cum all over me moaning extremely loud. Her eyes were rolled back, her head and back arched, squeezing out all her cum with one hand and pulling her hair up with the other. I was covered and we started kissing passionately grinding our bodies together in all that cum. We then took a shower and fell asleep.