hottest teen transgender

She was a cheerleader in college and I was…well. Me. I lived one of those transgender stories where I was still stuck in the middle of my transition and I wasn’t a girl anymore, but I wasn’t the guy she needed.

She had every single guy in the campus she wanted and I had..well. Me. I met her couple of times on the tennis courts. I loved to play it and so did she, but I thought that I was invisible to her. One day she played in the court next to mine and I enjoyed the sight of her ties flashing under that tiny skirt and her breasts bouncing with her every hit.

I stopped my practice and went to have a cold shower. I guess she followed me because I could hear her right behind me. “Isn’t this a girls’ shower?” I turned to her and showed her my front that I wasn’t so proud of. “Yes, it is.” I said shortly.

“Oh…that’s new, though I’ve heard some transgender stories about you” she replied and joined me under the shower.

She didn’t even take her clothes off. She just came in fully dressed even taking her racket with her. We started making out immediately and I couldn’t believe it! I could finally feel her tits in my hands and her body against mine. She let me explore her entire body with my hands.

As I reached her pussy I couldn’t bear it no longer so I ripped her wet panties off her, turned her around and pressed her against the shower wall. I bite her neck as I fingered her tight pussy from behind. I sank my teeth deep into her skin as I shoved three fingers in and out of her pussy.

She moaned and moaned and said “Put it inside me!” That confused me a bit. She noticed my hesitation so she whispered “Racquet grip..” I took her racquet that she dropped once I turned her to the wall, pressed it between my legs so that the grip looked like my hard dick and jammed it up her pussy.

I needed a little help of my hands, but I was fucking the cheerleader under the shower with her own racquet. I realized that and came instantly. So did she. Several times. “This is so much better than what I’ve heard in those transgender stories” she said. “Same time next week? Perhaps we can even play tennis.”