Half-Man Half-Women

Carla lay back on the white sheets and said ‘I want you to lick me down there first’
I was a bit shocked to be honest. I mean every guy imagines what it must be like to suck a cock at some point in their lives (and I just had for the first time, it was lovely), but anus licking had never entered my mind and I was hesitant.
Carla noticed my reticence and sat upright again. ‘Let me show you’ she said ‘ turn round and bend over’. I did as she asked and turned and bent forward so my ass was facing her and my hands were resting on my knees. ‘Back up a bit’ she said, so I did.
I felt her nails on my ass first as her fingers began to spread my cheeks. And then her tongue made one long pass from bottom to top. I gasped. I don’t think I’d ever felt such exquisite pleasure, it felt wonderful. And then she was probing her tongue directly on my anus and had I not been supporting myself with hands on knees I’m sure I would have fallen over. How could it be possible to live as long as I had and not know such pleasure existed?
My cock was twitching with every probe of her tongue and I was sure I was going to come in the condom she had rolled onto me. I didn’t want that to happen so I stood up straight and turned to face her. She was smiling that smile again, as much to say ‘that surprised you huh?’
I sank to my knees again and we kissed passionately. ‘I’ve never felt anything so sensual in my life’ I managed to say. ‘I know’ she replied ‘And now it’s your turn’.
She lay back again and I noticed her cock was soft and lying to one side. It looked so cute! She raised her legs and I held her below each knee as I bent forward. I did it exactly as she had done to me, one long lick along the length of her crack and then back to her asshole with the tip of my tongue. I felt her squirm and heard her moan from somewhere north as I began to warm to my task. Her fingers were in my hair and I realized I was so happy to be doing this, knowing the pleasure it gave. I began to alternate between long licks and probes and at some stage I noticed that her cock was erect again, so I began to lick it too, especially that bit just below the helmet.
‘I want you to fuck me right now’ I heard her almost scream as if from a great distance. I realized she had been talking to me but I had been too engrossed to hear. ‘Right now Frank, d’ya hear me?’
I stopped licking and grinned as I rose from my knees and leaned forward for a kiss. ‘Boy you learn fast’ she said ‘but I want to feel your cock inside me’
She raised her legs again, higher this time so that her leopardskin shoes were resting on my shoulders and I could feel the silky smoothness of her stockings against my nipples. I was balancing with my arms straight and the balls of my feet on the floor. I felt her hand on my cock guiding it towards her as she whispered ‘Gently now Frank’
So I pushed gently forward and felt tip of my cock sink into her. Boy it was tight, tighter than any pussy I’d ever known and hot too. I hesitated a moment as I felt her anal muscles tighten and relax around my cock tip and then I pushed forward again and it sank all the way to the hilt. This seemed like more familiar territory for me and I began to move with an age-old rhythm. This was to be the best fuck I’d ever had. Her hands were everywhere, cupping my balls, probing my ass, stroking my nipples with wet fingers. Now and then I leaned forward to kiss and Carla urged me on, whispering directly into my ear and sticking her tongue in there too.
I came like a nuclear explosion. Great long heaving spasms I thought would never end. I felt drained but deliriously happy. I was still hard and still inside her as she took my head in her hands and kissed me deeply. I felt another twitch or two and then I was really done. ‘Now its my turn’ she said and smiled.
‘I don’t think so’ was my first thought, I mean cock sucking and ass licking were two things I’d not experienced or even given much thought to until that evening, but being fucked? By a real cock?
I told Carla I didn’t think I could handle it. ‘No hurry sweetheart’, she said ‘Lets get into bed’. I went to the dresser and retrieved our drinks and when I turned back Carla had removed her shoes and her bra and was lying wearing just her stockings with the white duvet folded back. We’d been in such a frenzy and hurry I hadn’t noticed how beautiful her breasts were. They were perfect actually, not so big they flopped about, but firm and proud looking with the sort of coin sized nipples I’d always liked on women.
I put the glasses on the bedside table and slid in beside her. We pulled the duvet over and just lay there holding each other nice and cozy. She was so pretty I found myself forgetting she was anything but pure female and then when I did remember I found myself getting excited and my cock began to grow again. It was all very confusing really.
So we just fooled about for a while, kissing, me kissing her nipples, she kissing mine, holding each others cocks and it all felt lovely. Then she said quite firmly ‘Time has come Frank, I want to fuck you but I promise you’ll like it, just turn over and spread your legs a little’. So I did just that. I could feel Carla behind me and she began fingering my asshole. She must have spit on her hands as I could feel it was wet back there, very nice actually. And then there were no fingers and I felt the distinct shape of the knob of her cock pushing gently against my anus. Carla leaned over me and said into my ear ‘Just relax babe’.
And then she pushed it in further and it felt nice, no pain at all, just a lovely feeling of being ‘occupied’ back there! ‘Hows that feel babe?’ she asked and I just grunted in reply. She began to move back and forth ever so gently and I relaxed even more. I found myself looking forward to the thrusts and began to move my ass back to meet her cock as we got a rhythm going. Carla was lying on my back now and I could feel her nipples brush against me as she whispered encouragements in my ear. And then she pulled out and said ‘Time to turn over babe, I want to see your face when I come inside you!’
I turned over and raised my legs in the air. I felt both vulnerable and extremely excited and noticed that my cock was rock hard again. Carla looked gorgeous as she knelt in front of me holding her erect cock in one hand. And then I felt it again, the tip of her cock at my opening and the gentle push as she entered me. When she began fucking me it was deeper than before and I realized I was loving this too, what a night for ‘firsts’! She began to fuck me harder and her breathing became jagged. I wet both my thumbs and started caressing her nipples. She gasped and then she was coming inside me, I could feel each spasm and twitch of her cock. It was a fantastic feeling and before she collapsed on to my chest she gave my cock a little tug and thats all it took to send my over the edge and come too.
We just lay there like that with her still inside me until eventually I gave a little squeeze and she popped out. We were both exhausted. After a while she asked what time it was and when I asked why she said she had to meet some friends downstairs in the bar. ‘you’ll love Suki, she’s from Thailand, and Jemma’s black and from Brazil’ she said ‘Maybe we’ll all get together here later for a party huh?’
3some with 2 guys and a dressed up sizzy boy in doggystyle
3some with 2 guys and a dressed up sizzy boy in doggystyle