Is she really a girl

There was a guy, he was very horny and all his life he kept trying to find girls for fuck. Sometimes he was about to succeed but things turned wrong in the last moment. But most times all his attempts collapsed, he was not as charming as Johnny Depp, but he was rather handsome and good looking son of a bitch. So, once in the night he decided to go out to a bar to pick someone up for a good fuck. When he entered the bar and he looked around, he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in hi entire life. She had long smooth legs and nice boobs; she was black haired stunning brunette with bright eyes and tight ass. Without further ado or any hesitation our hero approached her and settled besides hoping she would notice him in several minutes. A few minutes had passed and the woman noticed him staring at her she asked:
- “Can I help you?” she smiled openly and his reply was:
- “Well, I just couldn’t help noticing you are sitting here alone, and I think that a beautiful creature of God like you should have some company! By the way, my name is John!” and he stretched his hands for a handshake. She gazed on him for a few seconds, then smiled and replied:
- “Nice to meet you, John! I’m Eva” and they shook hands.
- “Nice to meet you too Eva! I was wondering what you are doing here alone when you could have any guy you wanted?” asked John.
- “Perhaps the same as you are…” she smiled at him.
- “Then may be you clue me in what I‘m doing here? “He asked again.
- “Listen, why don’t we cut this short talk and get out of here. Somewhere more private?” Eva said.
- “Sure. Where do you mean we should go?” asked John.
- “Let’s go back to my apartment. I’ll show you how to have a whale of time.” She said smiling. John nodded in excitement. He looked in her eyes: kidding? No, she meant serious…
That was the moment he had been waiting for his whole night. He never told anyone he was still a virgin and he knew he was about to loose it. They had finally reached Eva’s apartment. John watched as she unlocked the door. Eva told him to come in. He entered. Behind him Eva locked the door.
- “Mmm, what are you doing?” Asked John feeling a bit tense.
- “Don’t worry about it. I locked the door because I don’t want anyone to come in and interrupt this nice moment of privacy… she said as she walked over to John
- “Is there anyone to interrupt? He questioned: his eyes looked anxiously. But she didn’t reply.
She grabbed him and started kissing sticking her tongue in his mouth. He kissed her as well and in a few minutes Eva threw him onto the bed that was standing in the middle of the vast room. She crawled on top of him. John felt himself getting hard. Eva started pulling his shirt off as she kissed him on the lips. Eva threw his shirt to the side and took up removing his pants kissing and licking his chest at the same time. Then she pulled both John’s pants and underwear off until his huge fat delicious 10 inches cock appeared. Eva moaned. She reached down his tasty cock and started sucking on it vehemently. John had never felt this feeling before and it felt so fucking good. In fact it was the best feeling he had ever felt in his life. John started moaning and groaning when he grabbed her head forcing his cock to go deeper and deeper into Eva’s throat. She started deepthroating him and he groaned even louder.
John was getting really horny. Eva took the huge cock from her mouth and started playing on his balls with her nice tasty tongue. She got up and crawled on top of John’s body again. She slid her shirt off revealing a red bra. John started drooling watching her huge tits. Before she removed her bra John rose up fast and started kissing and nursing her sweet boobies. Eva moaned as he did it. While he was kissing her she unbuttoned her bra and took it off. She threw aside. John sat back and stared at the amazingly huge tits. The biggest tits he had ever seen. Eva grabbed John’s head and pushed his head into her tits forcing him to suck them. As he finished sucking her nipples he started sliding her pants off revealing a red thong. She slid out of them and threw aside back to her bar. “I love you.” John said as he continued sucking on her tits. At this moment Eva slid out of her thong and pressed her body up against him. Suddenly John felt something huge pressing up against his belly, just right the place where Eva’s pussy should be. He pushed Eva off of him and sat up staring at her.
- “What the fuck was that”” John cried out
Eva stood up and John saw that she didn’t have a pussy but instead she had a huge cock. It was right on his eyes level, a huge fat cock covered with fat veins! John couldn’t believe his eyes: he had almost lost his virginity to a shemale!
- “What’s wrong, honey?” she asked
- “I can’t do this. I mean you are a freak man!” Said John and he recoiled as she moved closer
- “I’m not a guy. Not anymore. Just pretend I have a pussy. Everything gonna be all right! Said Eva.
- “I don’t think so. John tried to move to the door but he forgot she had locked it. Eva grabbed him and threw him on the bed calming him down.
- “Now relax. I’m gonna give you the best night in your life!” She said and placed her shaft right in his mouth! She grabbed his head and though he resisted made him suck on her cock. That night was the night when he had to lose his virginity to a real shemale!