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Nervously, Bryan dialled the number on the card. Having been sent to California by his company for a week’s seminar, he was 800 miles from home and had been wandering through a strange part of town when he saw a call box filled with cards. Curiously, he had looked and saw they were for sex and escort services but one in particular had caught his eye.
“28yr old Asian transsexual for all kinds of sexual services. Discretion assured”
Bryan had always been fascinated by shemales and in particular those of the oriental variety. The thought of a sex partner with a dick AND a pair of huge tits was appealing to him. He had dabbled in the live shemale webcam market and had a couple of online sessions but the idea of the real thing got his pulse racing and his blood pumping so with hands shaking he had taken the card back to his hotel room.

After a couple of drinks in the bar he had plucked up the courage to call and now here he sat, about to organise his dream. After three rings the call was answered by a sweet sounding female. I sat and i wondered does this mean i am a gay man now? I don't think so but still it played in my head

“Hello Jo ling speaking how can I help you?”
Off to a good start, he found his nerves disappeared rapidly while talking to the friendly, easy going person on the other end of the phone. After 5 minutes they had arranged to meet in his hotel room at 10pm, 2 hours from now.

10 o’clock on the button there was a chap at the door. Standing up off the bed, he rubbed his hands from on his thighs and walked to the door. Opening it, he was confronted with an image of total beauty. Standing at about 5’ 10, the petite Asian babe in the door way had jet black hair that hung down and piercing black eyes. She had on a silver micro dress that hugged her big shemale tits and thrust them upward and outwards. Silver high heel shoes completed the outfit and she was a complete knock out.

Inviting her in, he couldn’t help but notice her dazzling smile but also couldn’t take his eyes off her tits. They were huge and absolutely perfect. They both sat on the bed and began to talk. She was so easy to talk to and it was almost 15 minutes before they decided to get down to business.

Tossing her hair back gently, she leaned over and unzipped his trousers. He leaned back so he was propped up on his elbows. His dick was already hard by the time she freed it from his denims. An impressive 5 inches, Bryan was a decent sized man! She leaned over and began to slowly wank it. Slowly and methodically and running her hand over the head she really knew what she was doing. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of this expert cock handler. Then he felt her lean over and put her head down and take his cock in her mouth. Using her tongue and mouth in perfect harmony, she gave him an incredible blowjob. After a few minutes she stopped and lifted her head to look at him.
“Your turn” she purred, and stood up.

Unzipping her dress, she let it slide to the floor and Bryan’s eyes widened. Her cock was 10 inches at least and rock hard. It sprung back up as she slid out of the dress and she sat on the chair in the corner and beckoned him over with her index finger.

He walked over to her and slid down to his knees. She put her hand on top of his head an guided it down to her cock. Bryan had never sucked a cock before of course but this still felt like a natural act to him. Getting closer, he could feel the heat from her and smell the faint musky smell of sweat. Opening his mouth and closing his eyes, he took her rock hard dick in his mouth and began to suck on it. Bobbing his head up and down, giving a blowjob came naturally to him. With her hands on the back of his head, she moaned and gasped as he slurped on her penis

“Oooooh, you good cock sucker” she purred as he blew this hot Asian transsexual. He lifted his head and Joling put her hand under his chin and gently beckoned him up as she stood up as well. Looking him in the eye and smiling coyly, she undid his belt and denims and they slid to the floor. He stepped out of them and took his t-shirt off. Now they were both naked and both had massive erections.
He fondled her boobs and leaned over to kiss and suck on her big tits. Cupping them with his left hand, he reached down with his right and began to stroke her dick as she wanked his. She was moaning and gasping and they were both turned on beyond belief.

Joling lifted his head and turned him around and gently pushed him onto the bed. He knelt on all fours as she climbed between him and parted his knees slightly.

“You ready “ She said in a thick Oriental accent “Here it come baby”
And at that she held onto his hips and he felt her dick probe his ass. He gasped sharply as it entered him and he winched slightly as his virgin ass was entered. Her whole length was in him and his eyes were smarting but the sensation was incredible. She grabbed his hips as she began to thrust into him. Faster and faster, she fucked him and he loved it. Feeling her hard cock inside him, he enjoyed having his ass taken. Her balls slapped against his cheeks as she pounded him like a hammer and then she leaned over and grabbed his dick and began to wank it as she fucked him. The scenario was perfect and the sensation was incredible. It only took 3 minutes and he felt his body stiffen and he came hard at the same time as she shot her load deep in his backside.
They both flopped onto the bed, breathless and covered in sweat.
This was Bryans first encounter with a live tranny but it would be far from his last.
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