Pretty chick who later turns out to be a shemale

Today was fucking damn day! It’s been one of ugliest days in my life. My company sent me, as a representative to take part in some high level financial talks in Japan; it was my first step to be making a good financial analyst. But my day started very bad, as I could say, my flight was delayed on 2 hours, and while I was finding my way out of the airport, and then reached the hotel I where I was supposed to stay in, I was already 3 hours late for meeting. The second tour was put off on 8 pm, so I asked a concierge lady to wake me up at 7.30 pm, but they didn’t. I was very angry, so, having shaved somehow, I made my way to the meeting.
Finally, I stopped one taxi and talked the driver into taking me to the downtown that was 15 minute drive from where I stayed at. As I entered the business center I rushed to the lift and began to push 23 floor button willing to get there as fast as possible. As the door closed I found there was one Japanese girl with me in the lift. Her long black hair was ponytailed and angel face looked so innocent. I saw a grin on her face; she smiled and told me something in her Japanese. I said: “Hi” in broken English she said her name was Lily. I complimented her with her English, and I thought she was smiling at the clots of shaving foam left on my face.
Suddenly, she approached me and started kissing me passionately. My tongue fondled her sweet lips as well as sensitive young mouth. She stopped for a while and noted my cock that started growing down there, seeing it she showed her thumbs up to me, slapped my ass and then we joined our lips back in kiss. It was wonderful, this cute petite Asian lassie drove me crazy, and I never had such an influx of crunk before. Like a cute nymph, with her tongue she was sensing every tiniest spot of my mouth. I was in seventh heaven of that.
I got down to kissing Lily’s neck, and then my hands began to remove her blouse, what seemed to make her happy. She bent her head and closed her eyes feeling enjoyment and licking her lips. Next, my hands appeared under her skirt. She didn’t mind, she was looking at me, like an angel, smiling and watching me undo her skirt and panties. I took up kissing her breast, after I removed her blouse I saw her wonderful tits, it was so nice I hadn’t seen for long. Meanwhile, Lily applied saliva on her fingers, put them on her nipples and began to play with her tits. Fuck, this kind of disappointment when I looked at numbers and saw the lift was going to 20 – mark!
But when our lift reached 22 floor it stopped, at first I was frightened what the hell might happen, but then calmed down. I turned back to Lily who had already undone her skirt and there I saw… my God, there I saw nice cute cock, this hottie turned to be a shemale! Damn! Though it looked very attractive and nice, she looked pretty hot even with a cock. She pressed to me, and without missing a second, I got down on my knees and began to suck on it like a candy. One touch was enough to turn this bitch on. Her cock was right on my face level, it looked so pretty I could not help sucking her off. She was shivering like a petal on the wind of breeze. I could feel with my tongue her cock tremble with excitement. Lily said something in her language, but couldn’t stand long; she recoiled, lowered my trousers, took my shaft pout and gave me some blowjob as well. This fucking tranny smiled sweet and swallowed my pecker deep in her mouth.
I lent over her head caressing her boobs that turned out to be very sensitive. Blow was divine; she was doing it very hot and fucking good. Fantastic feelings filled my mind; my blood began to boil up in my veins. With one hand she stroked my balls; her second hand started pressing me tight to her impaling her mouth on my cock deepthroat. After that she began to suck my balls one by one, swallowing them deeper and deeper. It was so good to feel her slender soft lips on my genitals. I sent a shiver down my back; this cute slut was suckling me like an adult whore. Feeling my cum was about to come, I grasped her head and her mouth filled with my sperm. warm sticky juice disappeared in her oral cavity. Some drops fell on her face, but she managed to gather them all and lick.
After this fun she took pressed me to the wall and put my flabby cock on her ass. I was hard-on in a second, my cock pulled in her asshole, and it was so tight. She squeezed my shaft. It was slow, very slow; I penetrated her inch by inch. Her whole body trembled; I began to fuck her rhythmically, speeding up gradually. She cried out something in her language once again, I gripped her ass impaling her hole on my pecker. This made her turn around and look at me; I saw happiness on her face. Her hair fell down her; I grasped her by hair and directed her movements with all my force.
Her moans became louder and louder time after time. A second later I thrusted my shaft deeper in her butthole, and started coming inside. She moaned like a whore, her ass filled with my cum.
After that she started gathering her cloth scattered all around. She smiled and said something. I smiled as well. I thanked this young tranny for the fun; she went out when we were on the 22 floor. It’s been now 3 years since we last saw each other, I have been in Japan several times after tat day and still keep thinking of meeting with her again.