Sex with a Shemale

It was nearing 1 am in the Atlas club and it had been, quite frankly, a shit night. I had already tried to pull with at least 4 different women and gotten nowhere. It was either lesbian night or my usual pick up lines were not working. I was totally fed up and decided to knock it on the head and go home. I left the club and could smell the delicious smell of fries and cheese so decided to get some to take home.

I followed the smell to a takeaway shop and placed my order. I sat down on one of the plastic seats to wait. I looked at the other end of the shop and my heart skipped a beat. With her back to me was a perfect size 6 blonde with perfectly toned legs highlighted by the red mini skirt she was wearing that barely covered her pert and perfect toned ass. Her hourglass figure was plain to see her figure-hugging dress and her long blonde hair hung midway down her back. She was alone and we were the only two people in there. Fuck it, I thought. No guts no glory.

I stood up and took a deep breath. I walked over to her and passed her before turning to face her. She was an absolute knock out. Her skin was flawless and her face was gorgeous.

“Hi” I said nervously and smiled.
She smiled back at me with one of the gorgeous smiles I have ever seen in my life.

“Hi to you too” she retorted.

Her body language was open and inviting so I pressed on. We spent the next 10 minutes chatting and didn’t even notice as people were coming and going from the takeaway. We just seemed to click.

“Number 42” came the call from behind the counter. That was my order ready.

“Well Tiffany, I suppose I better get going,” I said, with a hint of sadness.

“You don’t have to” she replied. “I live right above here. Do you fancy coming up?”

Boy did I! I readily agreed and we headed outside, turned left and she opened the communal door to her apartments and we went upstairs.Upon entering her first-floor apartment I was struck by home neat and tidy it was. Everything was Coordinated and in a specific place. It was all colour matching and pristine. She led me down her short hallway to an open room which was her living room. She pointed to the cream leather settee.

“Sit down and get comfortable. I'll get us some drinks”

I couldn’t believe my luck. What had been appearing to be a wasted night was now shaping up to be very good indeed!

She came back through and sat down. She appeared nervous as if something was wrong.

“Whats the matter?” I enquired.

“There's something I need to tell you”

“What? You can tell me. As long as you don’t say you used to have a dick itll be fine” I joked.

She wasn’t laughing. She looked at me

“Oh, I still have it. I'm a transsexual”

It took a few seconds to comprehend what she'd just said to me. I jumped up with a start

“Hold on. Are you telling me you're a man?”

“No I'm female. And that’s actually quite insulting. It's not my fault I was born into the wrong body”
I composed myself and apologized. I explained it was just a shock was all. She spent the next half hour explaining to me how shed always known she was female and how she had dealt with her transformation from male to female. She found it difficult to get jobs so she worked on a live shemale cam site where guys could come to her for sex sessions online. It sounded pretty amazing, to be honest.

The whole time she was talking I was thinking“she's got a dick between her legs”. It completely blew my mind. What surprised me more was how much of a turn on I found it. I actually found myself getting hard as I imagined it. Ive never ever had any gay urges or experimented or anything like that but the thought of this gorgeous tgirl with big tits and a dick was making my own cock swell.

She was still talking and I decided enough so I leaned over and kissed her. She had incredibly soft lips and our tongues probed each other's mouths. It was extremely passionate and horny. I felt my dick go from semi to full-on erect and I instinctively put, my hand down to rub it through my trousers.

“No,” she said, grabbing my hand “Let me”
And she then undid my fly and released my cock. It was rock solid and throbbing. She gently put her hand round it and began to wank me. I put my hand on her thigh and slowly began to run my hand up the inside. She parted her legs and I kept my hand going. I felt where her skirt was lifted due to her own massive hardon. She was certainly a well-hung shemale.

I put my hand round her penis

“Are you sure?” she whispered, our lips still entwined

“Yes” I replied

I held her dick and began wanking it at a reasonable pace. It felt weird holding a cock that wasn’t my own but with my other hand on her tits, it felt right. We both masturbated each other and we were moaning and groaning as we were both so turned on and horny. We wanked each other furiously till we both grunted and came simultaneously. I shot out a whole thick load of spunk all over myself and she did too as she orgasmed and her cum splashed all over my hand, covering it with creamy white spunk.

We both flopped back on the settee exhausted and panting. She looked at me and smiled
“Bet you never thought THAT would happen tonight eh!”

“I certainly did not” I laughed.

Guy having sex with a shemale
Guy having sex with a shemale