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My eyes fluttered open as light flooded the bedroom. I blinked in the glare as I looked at the window. My wife of 10 years was opening the curtains

“Morning sleepy head. Wakey wakey. It’s a beautiful day” she said
“Morning Amanda,” I said, sitting up and blinking in the sunlight.

I looked at the clock. 0900. I groaned and lay back down on the crisp white sheets.
“Its too early” and I rolled back over
“No it's not, come on” she laughed, as she pulled me back over and jumped on top of me, straddling me with a leg either side of my torso.
Before I go any further, I should explain about Amanda. She is a transsexual. I didn’t know when we first met but she told me within a day and I was more than a little intrigued. You would never guess it to look at her at first glance.
She has incredibly feminine bone structure in her face and with her long dark hair and huge 38D breasts, she looks like every guy's dream woman and I consider myself a very lucky man to have met her. We got married after a year of dating and haven’t looked back since.
She tried to pull the covers off me and I tried to hold them up. We were laughing as we play fight. “Oh well, if you don’t want to get out of bed why don’t we have a little fun then?”
she said breathlessly as she leaned in close to me. Her soft lips touched mine and we began to kiss.

I reached up and untied her dressing gown and it fell to the sides and released her huge perfect breasts. I squeezed them gently and caressed them as she slid a hand down between my legs. I was already hard and she gently began wanking my cock. I reached down and found her cock was already stiff as well.

I wrapped my hand around it and we wanked each other as we kissed. She pulled back from my lips and began kissing my chest, working down to my stomach. I lay my head down and closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation before I felt her mouth on my cock. She took my whole length down her throat and worked my shaft with her tongue.
She held it with her hand and twisted it slightly as she wanked and sucked me. I groaned with pleasure and enjoyed the sensation. She gives incredible blowjobs and really knows what she is doing.
I reached down and put my hand on the back of her head. She slurped and really went to town on my dick as her head bobbed up and down. After a few minutes, she stopped and looked at me

“My turn” she grinned, and crawled up the bed and lay on her back.
Her robe flopped to the sides and exposed her huge tits and perfectly flat stomach. She has an incredible 9-inch cock to boot and it is an amazing sight. She parted her legs as I began kissing and nibbling her tits.

“Oh no no no” she groaned “Down you go” as she put her hand on top of my head and pushed it down between her legs. I could smell the faint musk of sweat. I ran my tongue up her shaft and she quivered and gasped with pleasure.
I opened my mouth and let her big shemale dick enter my mouth. The salty taste of her precum filled my senses. She was leaking and I could taste it clearly. I gobbled her cock and sucked it madly. She began grinding her hips and moaning softly.

“Tits” she groaned “play with my tits when you suck my dick” and pulled my hands up. I grabbed both her boobs and squeezed them. With both her hands on top of mine, we both groped her breasts as I sucked on her dick.
“oh god fuck me” she begged “I need fucked” and she turned and got on all fours. I climbed behind her and grabbed her hips. I shuffled between her legs and slid my cock into her ass. She let out a deep moan and tossed her head back.

“Oh god that feels so good” I began thrusting into her, bucking my hips. She grabbed the sheets and her grunts got louder as I pounded her sweet tranny ass.

She reached behind her and grabbed my right hand and guided it to her rock hard cock. I knew exactly what she wanted. I grabbed it and began wanking her dick as I fucked her ass. As I pumped and forced my whole cock up her, I furiously jerked her big shemale dick. I leaned on her back and with my left hand,
I started fondling her tits as she began to scream with pleasure.
“Oh god. Oh…..Oh fuck…….Oh god. Harder. Fuck me harder….Oh god that feels so good”
I groped her tit, wanked her cock and fucked her ass. We were both sweating, grunting and panting.
“Fuck me…AAARRGH….fuck me….OOOOOOOhhh”.
She has always been noisy in the bedroom and it turns me on to hear her screaming.
“Oh god…I’m cumming….I'm cumming….I'm gonna cum. Are you ready?” she asked, between groans
“Y..y…yyes. I’m so close” I replied

And with that, I felt her body tighten and her breathing stop. Her cock stiffened in my hand as my own did the same. It released and jerked.
She shot out a thick stream of cum that covered my hand and the bed sheet as I filled her ass with my own sticky load. I continued to wank her gently as she flopped onto the bed exhausted and sweating.

“Well,” I said as I lay down next to her “that was an unexpected surprise” I grinned
“It's your turn to get the coffee” she teased as she patted my cheek and lay in a basking glow on the bed.
“Yep I guess so,” I said as I got up to go downstairs.

Sex with shemale wife
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