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It’s been 3 years since I got my first experience. I mean sexual intercourse with someone who determined my further life. I still remember my first time with a shemale. She was a tall slim sexy legged blonde that once came into the office of our company. I knew she was an assistant of one of our VIP clients. I thought her boss would send her to extend thanks for one deal we helped them to work out. That was juts a matter of courtesy and good manners.
As I got up from my chair to welcome her, she shut the door, approached me close and pushed me back down on my chair. After that’s he started opening her cloak. She had nothing on underneath her cloak except one thing that amazed me so much that I even opened my mouth with astonishment. There was a big giant like cock with fat head! I knew her before but I had no idea she was a shemale! Motherfucker! I would never admit a mere thought she would turn out to be a tranny! She looked like a real woman, with soft white skin and with strawberry lips!
Before I realized thing turning out, she straddled my laps, unbuttoned my shirt and pushed her hard cock between our bellies. After rubbing her shaft against me and sucking my tongue, she lifted up, took my cock and put it into her ass… She sat down on my shaft, impaling her arse hard, and began riding my penis back and forth. I saw some porn and I knew what it looked like, but never guessed I have sex with… shemale. She left me no choice; she was swift to handle matters. However, despite she had a thing down there, her entire body was saying she was a woman. Her ass was really big; I think this bitch was taking hormonal agent permanently. Moreover, there was a dragon like tattoo over her coccyx. It turned me on very much! Her dripping ass was totally wet, I could feel her arse juices pouring down my cock. I could feel her dick and the precum on my stomach while her tits pushed into my chest. What a feeling, boobs rubbing my chest and a cock slapping my belly! I loved it – that was very amazing and exciting to see and to feel….
She continued riding and pumping my shaft until she melted and went limp. I wanted to change position, and then I got up, and bent her over my desk. I rammed my cock in her ass and grabbed her ass buttocks. Her cock was hanging and dangling as I fucked her ass. It looked very fanny. Her one hand was under her chest on the desk while another one was stroking her shaft. I fucked her furiously, with all my rage. She stroked her cock as I pumped my shaft in and out of her ass. I couldn’t last very long and couldn’t control it. So I squirted my cum into her ass while she asking for more. When I pulled out her wide was wide open, like a huge black cave gaping for more meat inside. She pushed her anal muscles and y sperm seeped out running down her thigh. Ass cream pie!
She fell onto the desk and I fell back into my chair. We rested for a minute and she then asked me to suck her off… I bent down and took her long shemale rod in my mouth. Sucking a cock for the first time was a great experience for me. Unforgettable experience. I was very horny; I don’t think it was pervert. I knew she would cum in my mouth and wondered how it would feel to taste her cum. I sucked and licked her cock caressing and nursing her balls. She was clean shaved down there, not a single hair. I squeezed her cock, running my teeth gently over her cock head and making it get fatter and harder. She began shivering and cum started shooting into my mouth. This cum of hers filled my mouth running down my throat. I actually liked this and drank every drop of her sweet shemale sperm!
This was indeed the best gift that I ever got in my life. I appreciated this kind of gratitude. It was a whale of time and good experience

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Sexy tranny gets fucked by another sexy tranny sitting in a chair