ShowJack Nightboi Submissiv guy story

Funboi Night

By ShadowJack

“Are you really a funboi?” asked the harried-looking man in the brown suit. It sounded like a casual question, but the way he arched his eyebrow gave it an unspoken significance.

Special Agent Dirk Van Horne pretended to be offended by the question. He didn’t know what the man meant, but he didn’t want to blow his cover before he’d even gotten into the club. “Funboi” was probably the staffing company that provided hired help for the club’s special events, he figured, so he played it off that way. “What? Of course I am!” He started checking his pockets. “I’ve got my card here somewhere…”

“Okay, okay,” said the man, “relax, I didn’t mean anything. It’s just that I don’t remember seeing you before, and you don’t look much like the other funbois.” He proffered a clipboard with a form on it. “Sign on the line at the bottom, by the ‘X.’ Then sign the NDA underneath, and you can go on in.”

As Dirk made an illegible scribble on the two forms, he wondered what the guy meant. What did the other funbois look like? He had noted that the guys in the line ahead of him had both seemed pretty obviously gay, both in the way they spoke and the way they moved, but he hadn’t thought that was significant. Who hired only gay guys? But the whole “funboi” question really had him wondering now.

Dirk was a slender, average-looking guy in his early twenties, with medium-length dark-blonde hair. He was exceptionally good at blending in, wherever his undercover assignments took him. He had regular, nondescript features, and was as non-memorable as a guy could be. But he also had a knack for noticing the behaviors and body language of those around him, and imitating it perfectly. Had he known that being overtly gay was a typical quality for funbois, he’d have affected some gay mannerisms to blend in better.

Paperwork done, the man opened the door behind him, and Dirk passed through it, giving the guy a fluttery little wave. At least he could leave the guy with the impression that he belonged here. And with that, he was in!

When the man he was tailing had gone into this old-money, exclusive, members-only gentlemen’s club, Dirk had known he had to get in here somehow. This was almost certainly the secret meeting he’d been anticipating. He’d known there was no way he could talk his way into the front door of a place like this, so he’d gone around to the back, and seen several people filing into the employees entrance. He’d gone in right behind them, pretending he belonged there.

Once inside, he’d been presented with two options. The line on the left was clearly long-time employees, who flashed their cards and proceeded into the inner chambers. The line on the right had two young men in it, who were signing forms and then being admitted without showing I.D.s. Dirk had chosen that line, which led to the whole “funboi” question. But it had worked; he’d gotten inside.

Once he’d been let into the inner chamber, Dirk started looking for a side door he could slip through, but there was an attendant already stepping toward him. “Right through there,” said the attendant, pointing. “Pick a locker, put your clothes in it, and hit the showers. And hurry, we need to get you kitted up.”

In the locker room were several young men undressing and heading for the showers. Dirk followed suit. This was good, he thought. He’d be kitted out with a serving uniform of some kind, and probably be sent out into the club to serve drinks. Rich people never even noticed uniformed serving staff. He’d be as good as invisible.

After he’d showered, he was surprised to find he was being herded through another door, away from his locker. Were they going to provide underwear as well as a uniform? He found himself standing nervously in a cubicle, naked, while a woman measured his head and asked him his shoe size. This was getting weirder and weirder! She picked up what appeared to be a plastic helmet from a rack of them, and started fitting it onto his head. It was just the back half of a helmet, but he could see there was a smooth, featureless plastic faceplate that went with it. It was weird-looking, like a costume from some bizarre sci-fi show. Had he just been cast as an extra for some B-movie? He looked at the row of helmets, and noticed that they didn’t seem to have eyeholes, just a large hole at the bottom of the faceplate. Perhaps the helmets had a one-way visor, he thought, that looked blank on the outside but allowed the wearer to see out. When the woman prepared to attach the face-plate, Dirk raised a hand uncertainly.

“Wait,” he said. “What is this?”

“It’s your helmet,” she snapped, unhappy at being delayed. “You’re a funboi, right?”

“Of course,” said Dirk, “but…”

“Then you get a helmet,” she said, bringing it up to his face. “Open wide!”

Dirk barely had time to open his mouth before the piece was being fitted to his face. He had to open wider, because there was a thick tube that inserted itself into his mouth. It didn’t go in far, just past his teeth, and he found he couldn’t close his mouth once it was in place. Other than that, it was comfortable, soft foam embracing his head all around. His mouth was open to the outside, so he could breathe easily, but for some reason he couldn’t see a thing through the plastic faceplate. He tried to complain about this, but with his mouth held open he couldn’t articulate his question. The woman, meanwhile, was using a power drill to bolt the faceplate to the back half of the helmet, sealing him tightly inside.

While Dirk fumbled at the outside of the helmet, trying to figure out how it worked, the woman called one of her co-workers over to assist her. A few moments later, there were two buzzing razors raking at his chest, seemingly shaving away his body hair.

“I swear,” complained the woman, “you funbois know you’re coming here, but you can’t be bothered to shave yourself first! Please don’t tell me you haven’t enemized yourself, either!”

Now Dirk was beginning to realize he’d gotten himself into a situation. When he tried to protest, the two women shushed him and kept shaving him. When he tried to push them away, they told him to hold still. When he persisted, one of them got a judo hold on his hand, and twisted it behind him, putting him into a half-nelson.

“There’s no time for cold feet, Funboi,” said the woman. “You’re half an hour late, we’re short-staffed as it is, and we’ve got to get you out on the floor as quickly as possible. Just relax!”

Before he knew what was happening, both his arms were folded behind him, comfortably ensconced inside a foam-lined plastic box. With four quick applications of the power drill, the box was sealed, and no amount of squirming on his part could get his arms out of it.

The shaving continued. They shaved him smooth all the way to his ankles, spending an embarrassingly long time between his legs, getting every little pubic hair. They even bent him over and shaved his butt-crack. The really embarrassing part was the erection that resulted, but they ignored it, intent on getting their task finished.

After the shaving, the woman led Dirk back into the shower room for a series of enemas. Dirk was outraged at this violation. The first time the nozzle went into his anus and shot him full of warm water, he yelled and danced around, but couldn’t escape it. When his bowels erupted, he had no choice but to squat down and let it out, an indescribably humiliating experience.

Had he been able to speak, Dirk would have stopped this whole charade and announced that he was a government agent working a case undercover, but with the faceplate holding his mouth open like that, he couldn’t articulate words. Unable to see, speak, or use his arms, Dirk was helpless as the woman pushed him around and inserted the nozzle into his bottom-hole again and again. The pressure was so high when she turned it on that it filled his bowels in seconds, and he immediately had to squat and expel the warm water before he burst. She violated him this way over and over again, asserting her dominance over him and demonstrating his helplessness.

He was beginning to suspect, at this point, what being a “Funboi” might be all about. He was helpless, sightless, naked and shaved. There was only one reason he could think of that would make it important for him to be so thoroughly enemized. He had just tricked his way into becoming a sex toy. He felt a lump of ice forming in the pit of his stomach as the realization slowly sank in.

Dirk wasn’t gay. Oh, he’d thought about it, sure, but not seriously. He’d only dated girls in high school and college. He hadn’t had the time to date in the recent months of training and field work with the Agency, but despite his occasionally bisexual fantasies, he’d had no reason to doubt his sexuality. But if this situation went the way it looked like it was going, his sexuality was about to be tested to its limits!

In spite of himself, Dirk’s outrage began to leak away, replaced by resignation. His attempts to fight weakened, the hopelessness of his situation becoming more and more clear. He stumbled blindly and spun around trying to evade the nozzle, but the woman was skilled at her job, and it always found his hole easily and filled him up again. After nearly a dozen enemas, Dirk was no longer resisting. Surrendering to the inevitable seemed to be his only option. He was shocked to discover that there was an instinct within him that was ready to embrace his surrender. He had never felt this way before, but deep down inside he was feeling a strange tingle of excitement at the prospect of being used for sex. The feeling frightened him, and he did his best to crush it, but it persisted.

Once he had ceased fighting the inevitable, his preparation proceeded. He was dried off, led to another room, and fitted with a pair of boots. They were some kind of latex, tight-fitting yet comfortable, and came all the way up to mid-thigh on him. When he tried to stand up in them, he learned that they were women’s-style boots, with five-inch stiletto heels. He could barely stand, let alone walk, but the woman made him walk anyway.

She handed him off to a man, who spoke to him in soothing tones like he was a skittish colt. The man snapped a leash onto a ring on the front of the helmet’s neck-piece, and began pulling Dirk along. Dirk could barely even walk in those heels, and was in danger of falling every moment. He protested with wordless groans, and driven by frustration, he tried once more to assert himself. He tried to kick the man, but never connected. The man just chuckled, and continued to pull the leash steadily in the direction he wanted Dirk to go. Dirk had no choice but to follow or fall down.

Naked, shaved smooth, unable to see or speak, with his arms secured neatly behind his back, wobbling and stumbling on the unfamiliar heels, Dirk was led at the end of the leash into the crowded main room of the club.

He could hear the hubbub of voices, and could tell by the acoustics that it was a very large room, and fairly crowded. He could smell cigar smoke, liquor, furniture polish and leather. He was led slowly down a set of wide, shallow stairs, which he navigated with great difficulty in his heels, and into the midst of the crowd. There, with what sounded like a cocktail party going on all around him, the man unclipped his leash and left him.

Dirk could hear a dozen conversations going on, but he was too panicked to follow any of them. Both men and women seemed to be present, though there were decidedly more men. Rising above the conversational murmur he could hear the anguished cries of the other funbois, and he could only imagine what tortures they were being subjected to.

Someone brushed past him, the cuffs and tails of their expensive suit brushing against his bare flank. He couldn’t repress a shiver. He felt appallingly naked and vulnerable standing there. Unless he’d read this situation wrong, he was there to be used by anybody who cared to. Any one of the rich gentlemen around him might just bend him over and violate him, and there’d be nothing he could do about it. His panic rose once more, threatening to overwhelm him.

But then, once again, that strange tingle of excitement asserted itself in his loins, accompanied by the urge to simply surrender to the situation. That part of him was somehow thrilled to be naked and helpless among the clothed club members, utterly at their mercy. It was such an alien feeling that it frightened him.

For more than a minute he was ignored, standing there among the crowd, internally struggling with himself. Then, without warning, he felt a soft hand close around his defenseless penis. He jumped, and a yelp escaped his wide-open mouth.

“Mmmmhh, what have we here?” purred a sultry female voice.

The hand began to tickle and stroke his soft dick, and frightened as he was, it was undeniably pleasurable. “Oooh, come on now, little funboi!” said the voice, close to his ear. The woman moved gently against him, and he could feel the fabric of her dress brush his naked hip and thigh. “Where’s the fun? You need to be in the proper mood, and I do adore a challenge…”

She teased his cock more persistently, her delicate fingers fluttering lightly behind his tight balls, touching him in ways and in places no one ever had. In spite of his fear, the woman’s ministrations began to have their intended effect. He felt his cock starting to stiffen slowly in her hands, a tingle of arousal igniting in his loins.

It felt wrong, so wrong for him to be getting aroused in this situation! He tried to resist, to think about his mission, or baseball, or anything other than the fact that he was naked in a room full of clothed people, and a woman was playing with his cock. It was no use. He was helpless, and there was nothing he could do but stand there while she had her way with him.

Soon his cock was completely hard, sticking out at a forty-five degree upward angle. The woman continued to casually stroke it, and Dirk couldn’t control it at all. It swelled and quivered under her touch, begging for more. Dirk was acutely aware that he was surrounded by people, people wearing clothes. He shouldn’t be standing here with an erection! Blushing under his helmet, he tried to step away from her, tried to twist his body to remove his excited organ from her grasp, but she only chuckled and moved with him. There was no escape, and it felt so good that he found himself just wanting it to continue despite the humiliation.

As he was squirming and trying to evade those teasing fingers, a large, male hand grasped his left buttock and squeezed. “Hmmm, firm,” murmured a deep voice from right behind him. Dirk yelped and tried to jerk away, but he could no more escape that hand than he could the one on his cock. A moment later there was another hand on his other cheek, squeezing it appraisingly.

“Yes, quite nice,” said a second male voice. “I believe they just brought this one out, so if you’d like to fuck it, it should be fresh.”

“Knock yourselves out, boys,” said the woman, giving Dirk’s hard cock a final squeeze. “He was a bit skittish at first, but I think he’s in the groove now.”

With that, she was gone, and the two men took control of Dirk. One of them closed his hand firmly around Dirk’s erection and began to pull. It quickly became painful, and Dirk had no choice but to walk forward in the direction he was being pulled. The man used his cock as a handle, leading him through the crowd. When he pulled it to the left or the right, Dirk had to follow. The agent was already mortified at being so helplessly erect, and being pulled along by his cock like this was an added embarrassment. He could barely keep his balance in the high-heeled boots, and he couldn’t see where he was being led, so he shuffled and wobbled awkwardly, barely able to keep up.

Finally, he felt something soft pressing against his shins, stopping him, and he fell forward as the hand continued to pull on his cock. He found himself kneeling on a soft couch or chair, but he lost his balance and fell forward. He landed with his chest resting on the top of the upholstered backrest. The hand tugged his cock further forward, and he shuffled on his knees until the man was satisfied with his position. Another pair of hands grasped his hips and pulled back, forcing him to thrust his butt out behind him. He remembered what one of the men had said about fucking him while he was “fresh,” and he began to tremble.

Hands grasped his bottom-cheeks and spread them wide. “Yup, it’s fresh,” said the voice behind him. “Wanna hand me that bottle of lube?”

Dirk knew what was coming, and he was helpless to prevent it. If he tried to squirm out of it now, it would only piss off the two men, and they would have no trouble pinning him down and taking him anyway. The agent had never had a cock in his bottom before, and he was afraid it was going to hurt. He wasn’t wrong.

He yelped as a thick, lubricated finger plunged abruptly into his tight anus, going in deep and then probing around inside him. Inside his helmet, his eyes were wide, the violation triggering an involuntary tightening of the already-tight ring. The finger withdrew just as quickly, but went right back in with a fresh coating of lube. Then two fingers thrust into him, and he grunted as his hole was stretched wider.

“This one’s particularly tight,” commented a voice from behind him.

“Good,” said the other. “I like ‘em tight.”

The two fingers twisted and poked painfully inside him, then withdrew. There was a breathless pause, and then Dirk felt the blunt head of a man’s cock between his cheeks, moving and pressing inward, seeking the tiny puckered opening. Dirk held his breath as the organ found its target and began to press hard against it. This was it! He was about to be skewered by a man’s cock! It was starting to go in! It was…

The taut ring of Dirk’s anus gave way suddenly, and the thick cockhead forced its way through. Dirk cried out at the pain of the entry, his body bucking involuntarily. The man behind him quickly grasped his hips and held him in place as he continued to force his cock deeper into the virginal orifice.

“Whoah, whoah there, boy!” said the man, a smile in his voice. “You’d think he’d never had a cock in his ass before.”

He kept pushing, his shaft sinking deeper and deeper into Dirk’s helpless rectum. Dirk whined and quivered, the agony almost unbearable. It was even worse than he’d imagined! How did gay guys endure this? The cock inside him was relentless, driving deeper until he was afraid it would rupture something. When at last it did stop going in, the pain didn’t ease.

There was a brief moment when he thought the man was going to show him a bit of mercy and hold still, but instead he began to withdraw his cock. Dirk groaned and shuddered as a whole new sensation flooded his senses, a strange sucking pulling at his guts, but the agony of his stretched anus seemed to ease off a little. The invader only withdrew a short distance, then plunged back in again, even deeper this time, and Dirk yowled as it penetrated deep into his guts. The sensation was overwhelming, almost overshadowing the sharper pain of his outraged anus.

“Noisy little fucker,” said the man behind him under his breath.

“It’s nice,” said the other voice. “I like when they make a bit of noise when I fuck them.”

Now the man began to saw his cock back and forth inside Dirk’s violated rectum, thrusting and withdrawing steadily, paying no more attention to the helpless funboi’s cries. Dirk was groaning and yelling mindlessly, barely aware that the sounds were coming from his own throat. His shattered awareness had no room for anything but the hard, thick male cock plundering the depths of his bowels.

Gradually, as the fucking continued, the sharp, excruciating pain of his violently stretched anus began to ease. Within a few minutes it was nearly gone, leaving only the deeper, duller pain of his violation. It was excruciating in its own way, overwhelming all of his senses, yet somehow, he began to realize, there was a strange twinge of pleasure mixed with the pain.

Moments after he became aware of it, however, the man who was fucking him suddenly sped up his pace. He began pounding Dirk’s ass hard, the rough fabric of his trousers thumping against the young agent’s bare buttocks. Dirk wailed as the pain swamped his senses once more, the massive cock inside him bludgeoning his bowels without mercy. He tried to pull away, but the man had a firm grip on his hips, and was pulling him into each brutal thrust.

The pounding seemed to go on for an eternity, but was likely only a few minutes. It ended when the man groaned in blissful pleasure, flooding the depths of Dirk’s bowels with his hot semen.

Dirk barely had time to process the fact that it was over, and that he now had another man’s cum inside him, when the spent cock was removed and immediately replaced with another one. The second man wasted no time burying his turgid shaft deep inside the helpless agent’s body, going all the way in and then holding himself there, basking in the velvety heat of the funboi’s tender rectum. Dirk could feel the man’s cock throbbing inside him, another invader eager to pound him back into incoherence.

The man waited fully half a minute before he began a series of long, slow strokes. Dirk could feel every inch of the man’s thick, veiny cock as it withdrew until only the fat mushroom of its head remained inside, then drove once more into the very core of his body. He couldn’t help groaning loudly with every thrust.

That elusive, tentative twinge of pleasure once again blended with the pain of the fucking. Gradually, it became more prominent, though Dirk couldn’t say how or where it came from. Even as the man fucking him increased the pace, it remained. His stretched anus seemed to have adjusted to having a cock plowing through it, but his plundered bowels roared with overpowering, indescribable sensation. The fact that there was now some pleasure mixed with the pain and all the other sensations involved made it no less overwhelming.

Soon the second man began to hammer his cock into Dirk’s bottom like the first one had. Dirk wailed uncontrollably, and it went on for three or four minutes before that man, too, pumped a load of semen into him.

When the softening cock withdrew from his butt, Dirk collapsed onto the couch, curling up on his side. He was panting and whimpering, and his bottom ached from the double fucking. He could hear the two men who’d just used him talking to a deferential servant of some sort, who offered them hot, damp towels to clean up with. They ordered drinks afterward, then strolled away chatting.

Dirk wasn’t allowed to rest for long. Soon he heard a slightly-accented male voice from just beside him. “Here’s one that’s not being used,” said the voice.

Then hands were roughly pulling him up onto his knees again. He didn’t try to resist. Being unable to see or use his hands, there was little point. He was helpless, and these people could do as they pleased with him. He was pushed and pulled until he was once more kneeling on the couch with his butt thrust out behind him and his chest resting on the upholstered backrest. He heard a second male voice from behind him asking someone to pass them the lubricant, and he tried to brace himself for another fucking. But before that got under way, he heard a zipper being pulled down right in front of his face.

Dirk had already figured out why his plastic helmet had a large, cock-sized hole in the front that led right into his open mouth, and why it included a short tube that held his jaws open. He wasn’t surprised when he found a semi-hard cock sliding through the hole into his mouth. He had never sucked a cock in his life, but he knew he had no choice now. He felt hands on the helmet, holding him in place, and the cockhead rested on his tongue.

He attempted to suck it as he’d always imagined it would be done, but he couldn’t close his lips around it, so actually achieving suction just didn’t seem possible. How was he supposed to do anything with it if he couldn’t suck? Reluctantly, awkwardly, he caressed it with his tongue, discovering that it had a musky, salty flavor to it that made him cringe. It felt like an alien thing in his mouth, a repugnant invader he didn’t want to deal with. It wasn’t even hard, he thought, so maybe if he ignored it its owner would lose interest.

Just then, he felt his bottom-cheeks being spread apart, and a fat, blunt cockhead pressing against his anus. Oh god, he thought, here we go again! He felt his body tensing in expectation of another traumatic violation. He yelped in pain when it forced it way through his nervously clenched orifice, and then it was inside him, another cock filling and stretching his tight anal passage. He whined as it drove deeper, and it didn’t stop until it was all the way in, cashmere suit pants pressing against his bare buttocks.

Dirk was gasping, the sensation of being so completely harpooned by that long, thick cock making him feel short of breath, but the cock in his mouth-hole was making it harder to suck in air. It had already swelled considerably, he realized. It was blocking most of his air-hole with its girth, as well as filling his mouth, and it was still hardening. As it got bigger and harder, it also became more aggressive, sliding back and forth across his tongue and pushing against the back of his throat.

The cock in his ass began to slide in and out, slowly, and as it did Dirk’s anus unclenched, surrendering to the inevitable. To his surprise, the pain diminished, becoming something bearable, and that elusive element of pleasure returned, stronger than ever.

As the cock in his ass finally hit its stride with a strong in-and-out rhythm, the one in his mouth began trying to jam its way down his throat. It had become fully hard now, and instead of just smooshing its soft head against the back of his throat, it was now firm enough to force the issue. Dirk gagged as it pushed its way into his esophagus, but its owner didn’t care. Dirk was just an anonymous naked body, a flesh toy to be used. Tears overflowed his eyes and ran down his cheeks, and desperate choking sounds issued from his mouth-hole. His distress was ignored, and the man using his mouth just tightened his grip on the helmet and began fucking his throat with long, deep strokes.

Dirk couldn’t help gagging every time the cock pushed its way down his throat. Fortunately it didn’t stay there long, withdrawing back into his mouth and allowing him to suck a little air into his lungs before it plunged back in. it was a harrowing assault, and he had no choice but to accept it and deal with it as best he could. At the same time, his other assailant was fucking his bottom-hole with increasing vigor, and there was nothing he could do about that, either. He was utterly helpless as two anonymous cocks used his body for their own pleasure.

Suddenly the urge to surrender, that frightening desire that he had been subconsciously repressing since this ordeal began, swept over him like a warm wave, and this time he couldn’t stop it. With no other choices left to him, he could no longer summon the willpower to resist. He let go of his fear and anxiety and sank into a state of utter submission.

Everything changed. The cock plunging in and out of his ass was no longer an agonizing violation. It still hurt, in a way, but now he wanted it, wanted more of it. The cock in his throat was no longer invasive, it felt like it was supposed to be there. He gagged less now, and as it went on, the gagging stopped almost entirely. His throat had become no more than an orifice to be fucked, a cock receptacle. His arousal rose rapidly, his cock stiffening.

Dirk had never experienced anything like this before. He had never been this aroused in his life, and yet nobody was even touching his swollen cock. He didn’t know what to make of it, but he didn’t want to have to think. He simply embraced his submission, accepting whatever they wanted to do to him.

The cock in his bottom accelerated suddenly, then abruptly stopped, pulsing and warm inside him, and he knew it was spurting jism into him. The cock in his throat continued pumping, using his face like a pussy until finally it, too, shot a load into him and withdrew.

The two men who had just used him stepped away, already having forgotten him. Dirk remained as he was, working on trying to swallow the thick, gooey cum in his throat, listening to the conversations around him and waiting for someone else to stick their cocks into him.

He didn’t have to wait long. He felt a hand on his plastic helmet, and then a long, thick cock slid into his mouth-hole. This one was already hard, with a strong musky flavor, and it went straight down his throat without a pause. It plunged deep, and he couldn’t help gagging, but he accepted the cock without resistance. As it casually fucked his mouth, he soon overcame the gagging once more, giving himself over to the sensation of being throat-fucked. It wasn’t long before the cock withdrew, and Dirk heard its owner walk around the couch to step up behind him. A moment later there was a cock, likely the same cock, stretching his anus and plunging up into him from behind. It fucked him for a long while, taking it slow, like its owner was distracted, or perhaps just not in any hurry. Eventually it, too, filled his rectum with cum.

Next, someone helped him up off of the couch and led him to a different part of the room. He was gently but insistently pushed to his knees, and after a few moments he found another soft cock in his mouth. As he worked it with his tongue, gradually inciting it to hardness, he heard its owner talking casually with someone standing nearby.

Their conversation contained words that triggered his professional interest, and pulled him out of his mindless state of total submission. He began listening as he worked his tongue around the cock in his mouth. The two men were negotiating an illegal arms deal! Dirk paid attention to the details even as the cock in his mouth stiffened and began pushing its way down his throat. By the time the cock was squirting semen into his mouth, he had overheard the trade location and time, which he committed to memory despite the distraction.
Shadowjack Submissiv femboy sex party
Shadowjack Submissiv femboy sex party
After that someone bent him over the back of a couch and pounded his ass so hard with their cock that he wailed out loud, not caring who heard him. He was once more suspended in that strange state of submission, and even that agonizing plundering was rendered not only bearable but hugely arousing. He was barely given a chance to catch his breath before someone led him by his stiff cock to a secluded corner, where he knelt before a seated fat man who was talking on his cellphone. Dirk sucked the man’s cock and listened to him as he arranged a hit with some assassin. Again, Dirk committed the details to memory. Five more cocks were shoved down Dirk’s throat as the evening progressed, all of them eventually filling his esophagus with gouts of thick semen. He was bent over and fucked so many times that he lost count, sometimes so hard that he was driven to tears. At one point he found himself kneeling on a table, thrusting his hips forward eagerly as two men took turns stroking his quivering cock with lubricated hands. They did so casually, while carrying on a conversation about the fluctuating value of Italian real estate. Occasionally they would chuckle or comment about the urgent whimpering noises that Dirk couldn’t hold back as they teased him. When the pair decided their little toy was ready, they stroked him all the way to climax. Dirk shrieked and shook violently as he experienced the most intense orgasm of his entire life. When it was done he sat back on his heels, his body quaking, too weak to remain kneeling up. He heard a tape-measure being extended, and one of the men remarked, “Three feet nine inches! I do believe that surpasses the last one by a good four inches. That’s three hundred you owe me!” Dazed by his powerful climax, Dirk was led to another hard cock that casually possessed his mouth while he knelt on the floor. Then there was another one after that, and then he was thrown over the back of another couch for an energetic bottom-fucking. By then he was completely lost once more in a fog of submission, taking the cock without distress. He was left panting, bent over the couch, warm semen running down his thigh, for several minutes. Then someone pulled him to his feet once more, and led him, rubbery-legged and wobbling on his heels, a short distance away, then pushed him to his knees. “Here you go, Oscar,” said a sultry female voice. “I found one for you. Now you won’t be bored while we talk.” Inside his helmet, Dirk woke out of the miasma of his submission. ‘Oscar’ was the name of the man he was tracking, and the whole reason he’d come here. “Why thank you, Scarlett, you’re so thoughtful,” said a gruff voice with an Eastern European accent. Dirk recognized the voice from dozens of recorded phone calls. Dirk heard the sound of a zipper opening just inches away from him, and a few moments later strong hands grabbed his helmet and pulled him forward. As they did, a semi-hard cock slid into his mouth. It was so thick it nearly blocked his mouth-hole, and so long that, even semi-erect, it was already pushing against the back of his throat. It began to throb against his tongue, swelling and slowly filling his mouth, and he heard Oscar sigh with pleasure. “That’s better,” said Oscar. “Now we can discuss our little venture.” The two began to talk, and as they did, Oscar’s hands pushed Dirk’s helmeted head gently but firmly back and forth. Gradually Oscar’s cock hardened and lengthened, and soon it was forcing its spongy head deep, deep into Dirk’s throat each time Oscar pulled him forward. It was the longest cock he had swallowed yet. As he struggled not to gag, Dirk listened to the conversation between Oscar and Scarlett. They used euphemisms to describe the acts of espionage they were planning, but Dirk knew enough about Oscar’s operations to follow along easily. The discussion went on a long time, and Dirk grew lightheaded from lack of oxygen as he was forced to swallow Oscar’s huge cock again and again. Each time it went so far down his throat he imagined it reaching his stomach. He gagged frequently, but of course no one paid any attention to the choking noises issuing from their anonymous funboi. The spies’ plan was complex, and by the time they were finished, Dirk knew every detail. Finally, their scheme complete, Oscar grunted and pushed Dirk’s head away from his lap. Several inches of fat, veiny cock slid out of the young agent’s throat, and the head was so big now that it barely fit through the mouth-hole as it withdrew. Dirk felt rough, strong hands push against his shoulder and pull against his hip at the same time, turning him around. When he was facing the right way, both hands grasped him around the waist and pulled him backward until he felt a thick fleshy knob bumping against his bare buttocks. Dirk began to tremble, knowing what was about to happen. Thick fingers drove roughly into his still-tight anus, spreading the sphincter painfully wide. It was already well-lubricated from the more than a dozen cocks Dirk had already had inside him, and the semen they’d left behind. Then he felt that immense cockhead pressing against his hole. There was no stopping it as the giant cock shouldered its way into him. He squealed in pain as the gargantuan knob went in, stretching his anus agonizingly. Somehow, his sphincter opened wide enough to accept the cockhead, then the long, thick mass of the organ followed, sliding slowly into him, inch after inch after agonizing inch. By the time his trembling buttocks were pressing against Oscar’s suit-clad crotch, there was so much cock inside him he thought he might explode. Dirk was whining and gasping, barely able to breathe, but Oscar was oblivious. The big man began fucking him with long, deep, solid thrusts, and to Dirk it was devastating. It felt like his organs were being rearranged, like there was a thunderstorm in his bowels. He gasped and groaned helplessly. He’d have begged if he’d been able to speak, but of course he couldn’t. Oscar fucked him at will, paying no attention to the noises issuing from his cock-hole. Dirk slipped back into full submission mode, his thoughts scattering like a flock of frightened birds. He wasn’t an undercover special agent with a mission at this moment, he was nothing but a human fleshlight, a helpless, squealing funboi. “My, my, this one really loves that monster cock of yours,” said that sultry female voice, from near at hand. Dirk didn’t even know his own cock had become rock-hard until he felt feminine fingers stroking its length, teasing him. Raw pleasure intertwined with the pain of his anal plundering, so powerful it almost felt like he was cumming continuously, but he was beyond thought, and unable to process it. With a chuckle, Oscar withdrew his long, curved shaft from Dirk’s tender hole and rose from the couch. He lifted the slender funboi easily, then turned and lowered him onto the couch, face-up. Folding his flailing legs against his chest, the big man crouched over him, positioned his massive cock against the gaping, glistening orifice, and plunged it home once more. Dirk groaned helplessly as he was again filled to the depths with cock, his body quaking. Using the leverage and freedom of movement afforded by this new position, Oscar began to fuck the helpless agent hard and deep. Dirk wailed and whimpered, utterly bereft of self-awareness or dignity. His own penis was so stiff it quivered with each thrust, drooling pre-cum steadily onto his taut belly. Scarlett watched, amused, as the fucking went on and on, impressed by her colleague’s prodigious size and marathon endurance. He had been going at it hammer-and-tongs for some twenty minutes when she began to hear sobs coming from inside the funboi’s plastic helmet. At twenty-five minutes by her watch, the funboi’s cries rose into a squeal and he began to quiver and jerk. His helpless cock swelled and then began to squirt, streamers of hot semen decorating his smooth chest. She laughed in delight. It wasn’t until ten minutes later that Oscar finally shot his own load, filling the young funboi with about a pint of cream. It was well past midnight when Dirk limped out the back door and out to his car, a thousand-dollar check in his pocket for his night’s work. He was informed that Thursday night was always Funboi Night here at the club, and that he would be welcomed back if he were so inclined. “Yeah, right,” he muttered ruefully, rubbing his aching ass. The following morning Dirk reported what he’d learned to his boss, Mr. McGregor. He was too embarrassed to explain what he’d had to do to get the information he passed on, so he just said he’d “infiltrated the staff.” “Sounds like you hit the jackpot, Son!” said McGregor. “Three active leads, from three different cases! Exemplary work! We’ve had several targets disappear into that club, and we’ve never been able to get past their security. You’ve done what no other agent has been able to do. If these leads pan out, you’ll be looking pretty damn good for a rookie.” “I just did what needed to be done, Sir,” said Dirk, blushing. “Well, it needed to be done, all right,” said McGregor. “That place is clearly a hotbed of criminal activity. Since you’ve gotten yourself into position there, I’m assigning you to this case until further notice. I want you there every Thursday night from now on. Let’s see what else you can pick up.” Dirk stared at his boss, eyes wide, a cold lance of fear shooting down his spine. “Every Thursday…?” “Yup! Good luck, Son, and happy hunting!” McGregor had turned his attention to his computer screen, and didn’t see Dirk’s reaction. The junior agent had already been dismissed. He rose stiffly to his feet and left McGregor’s office, horror and dread filling him as he thought about his new assignment. He was standing in the hall when he realized that he also had an erection…