Sweet Revenge

I was a very busy man who needed a housekeeper to clean up my place. I hired Jen who was between 35-40 with dirty blonde hair. She was about 5’5 and average weight. She generally worked twice a week. In looking back, I was nasty towards her. I was under a lot of stress at work and I treated her like a bastard.
She was a single mom who did this to support her family. I remember that she needed time off during the holiday’s and I said no. I came home one day early and went off on her on how the place was a mess. Another time, I was working from home and she told me that she needed extra money to pay for the car. I told her that the kitchen floor needed cleaning. I walked inside the kitchen. I said you missed a spot, get down on your hands and knees to get it. She was on her hands and knees, there is another spot that you missed. She looked up at me, I don’t see it. I unzipped my fly and took out my cock. If you don’t want to be fired, this will be cleaned. Her lips gently placed on my cock as her head went back and fourth. I soon came and shoot my load all over the kitchen floor. She just looked at me calling me a bastard, I hate giving head she yelled. I will get even with you she yelled.
It was a hot summer day, she was cleaning the living room table. It was hot and I was very horny. I took over my shorts and walked towards her as she did not see me. She was bending over and I had a full view of her ass. I walked behind her, pulled down her shorts. I pressed my weight against her and she could not move. I placed my cock inside of her. She was yelling and calling every name in the book. I pulled away and came all over the table. She just looked at me and said, I’m going to get even with you. As you know, I need the job but I will get even. I grabbed my cock, as long as I have this, I will always be in control.
I had to work late the following week and I came home very late and tired. Jen was still at my place. What are you doing her? She stated that she had been late from her previous job and was not able to finish. I looked at her, the place is a mess, what did you do. I’m going to take a shower and the place had better be done I yelled. She just started crying, I will do anything to make it up to you. I just laughed and walked towards the bathroom. After my shower, I came out in my towel as I had left my glasses on the stand in the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom, Jen came from behind me, and took off my towel. I turned around and her hand started stroking my balls. Jen said every man likes to have his balls stroked. I could not believe what was happening and my knees were about to buckle. She ordered me down on my knees and took my hands which I complied. She took a pair of handcuffs which she had placed on the night stand.
She placed on the hand cuffs on my wrists and pulled me up by my hair. She ordered me on the bed and placed me on all fours. She took a belt and gave smack across the ass. She placed a collar around my neck with two chains. One chain was tied to one night stand and one to the other. I could not move an inch. She looked at me and said, Now I’m going to get even.
She got undressed and took a strap on which she placed under the bed. It had to be a nine inch dildo attached to it. She put the strap on and came in front of me. She came in front of me on the bed and told me to open wide. I resisted but she started pulling me hair until my mouth opened. She slide every inch of that dildo inside of my mouth. Back and fourth she went, How do you like it? She did this for what seemed for ever. She finally pulled away. She was just laughing, now the real fun begins. She went behind me and smacked my ass. She took the dildo and slide inside my ass hole. I just yelled in pain as every inch went inside of me. She was slow at the beginning but started going faster and faster. She was riding me as she pulled my hair with every stroke she took. I begged for her to stop and she just laughed. She said it looks as though I’m in control now. I promised to give her anything she wanted. She told me that she never wanted me to do anything to her again. I agreed!!!!!
I have been a good boy ever since

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