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Every couple of weeks or so I go a get a hooker. I have a few favourites. All of them have big tits and either I watch them play with them whilst I jerk my cock, or I let them jerk it for me. But that's where I have some trouble. Whilst these girls are beautiful, I know they have never had a cock, and I don't think they know how to handle one.
So the last time I went for a handjob, instead I browsed around for a she-male. She was stunning. Perfect female facial features and body shape, massive tits, and a big hard cock. I wanted to wank strait away, but she offered something different.
'Why don't I lay here on the bed,' she said, 'and you start stroking me and showing me how you want it done.'
It sounded amazing. She lay back, and I stared at her huge, bare boobs, and started slipping my hand up and down her cock. I massaged it, played with the tip, and caressed the balls, just as I would want her to do. She was loving it too. She lay there moaning, groaning, and playing with her tits.
'Oh baby, I'm going to cum!' She shouted. 'Here, let me get into position.'
What I saw next I will think about whilst jerking for the rest of my life. She arched her back as I pounded her cock hard, preparing for the cum. She was getting so hard in my hand, and I could feel the cum swelling, ready to erupt.
And when she did, she had her cock arched high above her tits, and she CAME ON HER OWN BOOBS!
It was amazing! I was so hard and ready for my handjob. 'Mmm, baby! You sure know how to handle a cock!' she said. 'I hope I can do as good a job.'
And she did. I lay on the bed, my legs over the edge, and she pumped my cock. I had a view of her tits past my dick, which were still dripping in her spooge. And after not long, even though she was gentle, subtle, and tried to tease as much as possible, I spewed my cum first, right on top of her load!
Needless to say, I have seen here several times since then!
Shemale wanking with another tied up shemale
Shemale wanking with another tied up shemale