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When can I chat?
Once you have a gold membership, you can chat with. You can chat with each member in principle, but please note that you may need further add to your contacts this member.

With whom can I chat?
Chat you can with all your contacts - which are not blocked. If you want to know how you can make contacts, please go to the question 'How can I contact other members?'

How can I chat?
To chat with a contact:

1 - Please log in,
2 - under your contacts, select the one with which you want to chat. However, please note that the member must be online (all of your contacts who are currently online you can find on the right side of your profile),
3 – Select the point 'Start Chat' on the profile of the contact.

Now you can decide whether you want to chat with webcam or textually. If you decide to webcam chat, be sure to allow access to the camera.

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How do I know that another member would like to chat with me?
If you have been invited to a chat, you get the information: 'The Member wants to chat with you.' Now you have two options. You can accept the chat. Then it is started immediately. However, if you currently have no interest, press the 'OK' button. The chat request is then displayed on the profile picture of the member. As long as this is online, you can start the chat at any time by clicking the 'accept chat' button.