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For what do I have to pay?
Contents of a Gold membership are all the parts that go beyond a free membership. For example: making contacts, Chat and write email to other contacts.

How can I pay and how payments are made?
To make a purchase:

1 - Please log in,
2 - Select the menu item 'Expand on GOLD membership'. You can now find information on the individual credit packages.
3 - Select the package that you want to buy,
4 - Select the desired payment method and press the button 'Buy'.

Depending on the payment method you have chosen, then different information is required from you. Please, follow the instructions here.

When is a release of the paid membership?
The activation of your membership depends on how you have paid. Once payment is received, you will be immediately activated. The time for activation is:

Credit card / Debit card - up to 30 minutes
Transfer - within 1-5 working days
Western Union - within 48 hours.

If the above times should be expired and your profile should not be enabled, please contact us. Please, share necessarily the transfer number and all other payment information with us, so that we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

What is displayed in bookings on the account?
For payments by credit card through our booking system 'EFT GLOBAL' will be displayed to your accounts.