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What are scammers?
Scammers (fraudsters) are people which only want to send money in some way to them. The best advice we can give you is: NEVER send money!
If you should have the opinion once that you need to send money to a member, we strongly recommend:

- Ask for a live webcam chat, so you can see with whom you are dealing.
- Ask for the phone number, so that you can be sure from which country the person is.
- Ask for a copy of the passport or identity card
- Ask about all the details that come to you, such as your home address, and then try the internet to look for.

How do I recognize scammers?
You can be sure that all scammers (fraudsters) asking for money and all members who ask for money are scammers. So you should be smart enough to know how that one differs from the other. With several years of experience we can tell you that there are abnormalities. These are, for example:

- They generally use photos that look as if they were models or actors.
- They want to convince you that they are completely in love with you after a few hours of conversation.
- They avoid being contacted by telephone.
- They are very often online, but claim to have no money for the Internet.

Always remember: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Caution! Common scams ask for larger cash payments for medical treatments, visa fees, airline tickets, legal fees for divorce and other excuses!

What is the "Nigeria Connection"?
There is no real "Nigeria Connection" organization, but from Nigeria are many highly organized criminals who have the goal to get money from honest people. They try to get money in many ways. Very notorious, for example: "My uncle died and left me in his bank account $ 15,000,000. I only have to pay $ 10,000 to the bank and thus I can get the money. Of course you will get a share of the $ 15 million if you help me."
But they also try to get money from people who are looking for a new partner in life. They ask for money for airline tickets, visas, health care, mobile phones, computers, etc.
To protect yourself, we advise you to: Send NO money to people you have never seen in real life! The money is lost to 99%!